Get to know our new teachers!

By. Sarkis Kavlakian

Welcome new teachers of AHS!

Here are some interesting facts on our newest members . . .

Danielle Raad is a science teacher here at the high school.

In her free time she enjoys photography, climbing, and hiking. She does archaeology research at MIT and has worked at an excavation in Jordan.

She has studied abroad in both London, England and Beirut, Lebanon where her family is from. She graduated from Brown in 2010 with a BSC in chemistry and from Harvard in 2012 with an MA in Chemistry.

Clayton Jones is unlike the other new teachers. Mr. Jones is a substitute math teacher, for Mr. Martino.

In his free time Mr. Jones enjoys to go “swing dancing” or playing some “extremely complex board games”, and is a fan of “puzzle hunts”.

He studied vocal performance as an undergraduate. He participates in the MIT puzzle hunt every year, and any other puzzle hunts he discovers along the way.

He studied at UMASS Boston for his Bachelors and is currently attending Lesley University for a Masters.

Kristen Sandstrom is an English teacher here at the high school. She has been riding horses since she was 10.

She currently has two, and she grew up on a farm, which has much effect on how she grew up. She likes to travel, and has been to 15 countries so far.

In her free time, she likes to  read, hike, and go to the beach. She can speak Italian and has lived in New York City and Rome.

Something you may not know about her is that she  was on a reality show Project Runway. She modeled for her cousin who was a contestant on the show. Also, she went to the The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA for undergrad and Brandeis University for graduate school.


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