And the Oscar goes to

By. Andrew Thomas

At an early age, juniors Asa Minter and Lorenzo Rugiero grew a passion for acting and filmmaking. In eighth grade, they collaborated with Jackson Cedrone. Ever since, the cameras have been rolling.

Their first video, “Out Of The Woods” was created for a school drama project. Their video parodied Stephen Sondheim’s play, “Into The Woods”, featuring a fairy tale adventure of fictional characters. Minter, Rugiero and Cedrone added a comedic twist.

Minter specializes in cinematography and editing. He says for every minute of actual film, he takes one hour to edit. Their average films are five minutes.

Cedrone and Rugiero mainly act. All together they work on ideas for new films. They directed a film that showed the life of Holden Caulfield after the book in their english project. A story of Holden discovering a new life in Boston.

The products they create may look like they had a great time, however, sometimes they don’t always get along. Cedrone said, “We dispute about a lot of things.”

Filmmaking requires a lot of hard work and patience, and they rarely use their first take on a scene. Experimentation and failure occurs often before the final product is presented.

With extra curricular activities after school, it is hard to find time to create their aspiring works. They work on as many Saturdays that they can. An entire days work results in a five minute film.

Cedrone says, “I’m not sure if this will be a career”. Rugiero says, “Absolutely.” Minter responds “Oh, ya”. Minter also said his inspiration is Wes Anderson, an American film director and screenwriter.

All of their work could not be done without the help of supporting actors. They would like to give a special thanks to Michael Dillon, Myles Goldstein, Read Stone, and Jacob Kiely-Song.

Many of their works can be viewed on Youtube.


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