Arlington’s got talent

By Sam O’Keefe

Acapella, magic, and interpretive dance were just some of the nearly 20 acts that were performed Friday, February 27, at the 2nd annual ‘Arlington’s Got Talent’ in Lowe Auditorium. Hosted by the energetic and entertaining pair of Renée Hamblin and Jack Libresco (as well as Kerry Liu), the show’s spanning of two and a half hours proved that Arlington most definitely has talent, showcasing the impressive musical, artistic and captivating skills of students and teachers of Arlington.

With a ten-minute intermission halfway through the show, audience members could treat themselves to goods from the bake sale and chat about the impressive acts they saw and what was to come.

To start off the night, a new, up-and-coming acapella group from the Ottoson Middle School demonstrated their notable talent with a fun and creative rendition of Mark Ronson’s and Bruno Mars’s popular hit Uptown Funk.

Some original songs from the night included Who Says I Need to Know by junior Julia Boucher and More from senior Alex McElhoe, both songs revealing the creative, talented juices of some of our upperclassmen.

Rachael Young, with her powerful rendition of “On My Own” from Les Misérables, was paired with her friend Ni’s fun and reminiscent performance of Taylor Swift’s “Sparks Fly”.

Some of the more intimate performances of the night included freshman Samantha Gentile’s impressive and engaging rendition of Chris Daughtry’s “Call Your Name,” and Adeyami Elizabeth’s performance of Bruno Mars’s “When I Was Your Man”.

Considering the non-musical acts of the night, AHS teachers Joeseph Shay and John Macuk exhibited a hilarious and confusing Monty Python skit, where they explored the fundamentals of the philosophy of argument and reasoning.

Henry Hannon brought another nuance to the night with his engaging and illusory performance. Taking three audience members up on stage, he held 4 envelopes in his hand, giving one to each of the three audience members, while keeping one for himself. It was no surprise when each of the three envelopes were opened and there was a description of the very person holding the envelope: the only boy in the group of three, the only one wearing glasses, and the only one that had actually performed that night.

Alanna Ogilvie’s and Katerina Koch’s contemporary dance performance to Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman” proved feminist and empowering.

The end of the night was the cherry on top when AHS teachers Paul McKnight, Justin Bourassa, Tim Marten and Henry Hannon took the stage to slay The Killers’ song “All These Things I’ve Done,” which they had already mastered at the Battle of the Bands one month beforehand.

The night concluded with a huge thank-you from the hosts and a well-deserved round of applause for all of the performers who took the stage together for a final bow.

‘Arlington’s Got Talent’ was a junior class event and all proceeds went to the junior class to help fund prom and other school events.


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