Republican Club supports warriors

By. Andrew Thomas 

The Teenage Republicans Club hosted a red, white and blue dance to support two classmates who are currently battling cancer. The dance was held on Friday, April 10 from 7-10 in the blue gym. Everyone wore red, white and blue! All proceeds were donated to our peers. With a purchase of a ticket the club raised just under 2,000.

Junior Daniel Hallice said, “ I’d like to thank Ms. Eudenbach for dedicating so much of her free time to plan the event, Mr. McCarthy for facilitating the process of making this event possible, the Tsaousidis family for generously donating the gift card and the decorations. Everyone who bought a ticket or just donated, and the rest of the Teenage Republicans who helped make the dance a huge success!”

Teenage Republicans is a club that looks out for others in need. The club is a political affiliation, however, their ideals include helping others. According to Hallice, being a young Republican means, “that we look out for others in the community that are in need of help.”

Throughout the month of December, the Teenage Republicans accepted donations for an opportunity to win Boston Bruins tickets. They raised close to $300, which was donated to the Wounded Warrior project.

At meetings, the members of the club discuss ways to help out individuals and organizations in need. They also talk about creative ways to earn money for projects.

Alex Gera, a junior in the club, states, “Our goal is to strengthen the integrity and morality of the whole school.”

Members mainly meet on Wednesdays, but change their schedule to accommodate everyone. Those interested in joining the club can contact Ben Jacey or Daniel Halice.


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