Hallice and Defeo receive SILS Award

By: Francis Raboy

May 26, 2015

On April 30th, the annual Service Integrity Leadership Spirit Award, SILS, was celebrated at the Woburn Crowne Plaza in Woburn. Every year, two junior students, a male and a female, from twelve towns, represent their schools with high spirit, integrity and leadership. They are chosen by their principal to receive this distinguished accolade.

Dr.Janger said, “[We were] looking for excellent students, kids who are involved in all parts of the school… excellent students that are very engaged and that contribute a lot to the school and uphold the highest ideals of what the school is about.”

In 2015, Daniel “Danny” Hallice and Mallory Defeo became the annual recipients of the award. Both were awarded a medal of accomplishment, engraved on the front “SILS”, their name and school on the back.

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