New Voices Harmonize

By Isabella Scopetski and Lilah Vieweg

Freshmen Emma Young and Alma Olsen have started an A Capella group with the help of Madeline Kitchen, AHS’s new choral director.  The students held auditions October 27th and 28th to select their 20 members.

They meet Wednesdays and Fridays as well as x-block in the chorus room. The group will practice and perform music from genres chosen by the students.

Young and Olsen described the group as relaxed, similar to the Ottoson A Capella in which most Freshmen were involved.

“I’ll be involved as much as teaching the music,” said Ms. Kitchen, “but I want it to be student run. I’m as hands off as possible.”Ms. Kitchen added, “ Hopefully, in the future[the group will] sing at special events and open mic nights. If not this year, then going forward.” With Ms. Kitchens expertise, as well as the leadership of fellow peers, the group hopes to create a welcoming environment for its members. New students can audition next fall.

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New kid on the block

By: Francis Raboy

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Jade Malhi  (Taken by Francis Raboy)

Attending a new school can be a daunting time in a student’s life, but imagine that being senior year in high school. Jade Malhi knows that experience too well. As a senior, Malhi had never attend a full year at Arlington High School. Previously, Malhi attended the Waldorf School in Belmont.

Wanting of scenery change she decided to attend Arlington High, Junior year. It was only a few weeks into her Junior year that Malhi and her family moved to her birth state Arizona. There she attended the local public high school. However, Arizona was only a stint, returning back to Massachusetts in the end of 2014-2015 school year. Enrolled into AHS as a senior, Malhi says, “the school is larger than any school I’ve been in. I still get lost trying to find my way around.”

Since the majority of Arlington High seniors have know each other since middle school, Malhi brings a fresh perspective into her adopted class. She says, “Coming to Arlington High School is a new experience because it’s such a large school. And the student-teacher interactions are not what I have experienced in the past with small, tight knit community that was present at the Waldorf School. Arlington High has certainly been an interesting experience in my life.”

Now Malhi dedicates her spare time to competitive rowing, spending everyday training and even sacrificing her weekends to her sport. She intends to finish senior year with strong marks, saying, “I am here for my education.” After this year, Malhi hopes to be attending Barnard College in New York.


Humans take notice

By: Juliana Bird

pasted image 0Megan Laurendeau (left) and Holly Russell (right)   Photo by Ian Miller 

This year, Vignesh Chockalingam, student council president, and a team of about ten photographers came together to form Humans of AHS. In their free time, these members roam around the school in search of someone who simply looks interesting to interview. Once their subject is chosen, the photographer asks questions, gathers interesting quotes, snaps pictures, and posts what he/she has learned on various social media accounts.

Humans of AHS gathers with the sole purpose of bringing “together a diverse community through pictures and words” which was well put by Chockalingam. Contributor, Julia Boucher,  describes the process as a way to reveal “unheard voices”.

Ian Miller, one of the photographers, says that Humans of AHS inspires him to pursue being a photographer and to approach new people.

Boucher agrees that it’s “interesting to meet new people”.  Chockalingam added that Humans of AHS allows him, “to see the diversity of the school.  Students can look beyond the surface of their peers and listen and learn about their community, which is important.”

Since the beginning of the school year, Humans of AHS has created a Facebook page with 624 current likes. An Instagram was also created with 319 followers. Through social media, the photographers gather pictures and quotes are posted. Followers can then view them and learn more about their peers.

All contributors have common goals in terms of Humans of AHS’ growth. They wish to see it become more popular. Chockalingam hopes to reach a larger audience.

Boucher adds that once the page becomes more popular, the stories can get “deeper” and more meaningful.

The process of gathering stories to share is an exciting task for every member. When approaching a stranger, Miller may ask simple question such as “What is your favorite class?” Then he says, “I see where it goes from there.”

Boucher frequently asks the question, “If you had to give me advice right now, what would it be?”

Humans of AHS was inspired by the well-known social media account Humans of New York. Humans of New York consists of the same process but on a much larger scale. However, the purpose always remains… to strengthen the community.

Arlington High School putts for patients

By: Cora Flanagan

On November 21st the Arlington High School Class of 2016 will be welcoming students, families, staff, and community members of all ages to participate in “Putting for Patients”, an indoor mini-golf tournament held in the Toczylowski (Red) Gym at Arlington High School.

This event will be held in the memory of classmate Catherine Malatesta. Catherine was a patient at the Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana Farber when she wasn’t an in-patient at Boston Children’s Hospital. The money being raised will help allow Dana Farber to continue research on cancer therapies in order to give children more hope and a chance to defeat cancer.

The tournament will feature a variety of competitions such as long-putt, individual and team play, and a March Madness-style tournament! Other activities will include music, face painting, snacks, a caricaturist, and more. It is a $10 registration fee for youth/students and $15 registration fee for adults. To enter any computations, it is a $5 contribution, and raffle tickets will be sold throughout the day for $5

Special prizes for the Early Bird Special are included (valued at $10) if you sign up before November 18!  Prizes will also be awarded for the top team and individual, the long putt contest, and the team that raises the most pledge money.

More information and registration packets can be printed at

If you are interested in sponsoring this event contact Mark Levine at or 617-413-6416.

Or if you have any question you can speak to Justin Bourassa in room 406 or contacts him at