New Voices Harmonize

By Isabella Scopetski and Lilah Vieweg

Freshmen Emma Young and Alma Olsen have started an A Capella group with the help of Madeline Kitchen, AHS’s new choral director.  The students held auditions October 27th and 28th to select their 20 members.

They meet Wednesdays and Fridays as well as x-block in the chorus room. The group will practice and perform music from genres chosen by the students.

Young and Olsen described the group as relaxed, similar to the Ottoson A Capella in which most Freshmen were involved.

“I’ll be involved as much as teaching the music,” said Ms. Kitchen, “but I want it to be student run. I’m as hands off as possible.”Ms. Kitchen added, “ Hopefully, in the future[the group will] sing at special events and open mic nights. If not this year, then going forward.” With Ms. Kitchens expertise, as well as the leadership of fellow peers, the group hopes to create a welcoming environment for its members. New students can audition next fall.

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