A Christmas Carol Delights Audience

By Isabella Scopetski and Claire Kitzmiller

The Arlington High School drama guild presented A Christmas Carol on Friday, December 18th and Saturday December 19th. The show is directed by drama teacher Michael Byrne.

Christmas Carol is about an old, grumpy man named Scrooge. Scrooge hates Christmas but is reminded of the importance and joy of Christmas by three ghosts: The ghost of Christmas Past,  the ghost of Christmas Present, and the ghost of Christmas future.

Family members and friends of the cast flooded the halls of the Arlington High School’s auditorium opening night. As the crowd settled and the curtain went up, a hush fell, and the magic and spirit of Christmas time commenced.


Byrne feels drawn to “A Christmas Carol” as a performance because he thinks that we need to be reminded that, “change is a possibility in people… We need to take action against the bad things that are happening in the world”. The play “asks for patience and trying to make a change effective”.

This was the first year that a “sensory friendly” performance was offered. This show was performed at 11 a.m. on Saturday and the tickets were “ pay-what-you-can”.  This performance lent itself to an audience that otherwise might not have felt comfortable in the theater. For this performance, the house lights were lowered, and the audience got to meet the cast before the show.

Stage manager, Maddy Goldstein and assistant stage manager, Michael Graham-Green are elements in making a production like A Christmas Carol possible. “We kind of do everything” says Goldstein. “We are here from beginning of auditions to final performances. We write down blocking which is how actors move in a scene. We figure out props, we figure out sets.” Graham-Green added “We have professional people design the lighting and projections… I have to call when the projections are needed”. Both Goldstein and Graham-Green invest their hard work into the show and see it through to it’s final performance.

Cast member Venice Mountain-Zona as “Ida Stocks” enjoyed working with the cast of. “[Working with a large cast] means meeting new people and making more connections … you get to learn from all the other cast members… It’s really cool to watch everyone embodying those characters differently”.

When the play ended, the audience rose to its feet, clapped for several minutes and left with a feeling of “anything’s possible.”




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