Young Feminist raise awareness

By Isabella Scopetski

The Young Feminist Alliance is a two-year-old club run by seniors Mina Burton, Esme Auster and junior Haley Wood. The young feminist meet in Ms.Daly’s room every Friday after school from 2:30 to 3:30.

Topics such as intersectional feminism, sexuality, body image, and the history of the different waves of feminism are discussed. There is a new topic each month. “The main objective of the YFA is to educate and discuss,” says Burton.

In the beginning of the year, the club members held a clothing drive in Old Hall. Auster reports, “We basically just had everyone bring in their old clothes.”

“We raised twenty dollars and donated the rest of the clothes to the Cambridge Women’s Center in Boston!” exclaims Burton.

The YFA is also planning to publish a ‘Zine’ described by Burton as a “mini magazine”. Burton and Wood further explain how the artwork and writing of the young feminists will be included in the Zine.

In the near future,  leaders of the club are hoping to have a self defense training day for their club members.

Anyone is encouraged to join this growing club as it explores new topics of feminism and takes on new projects in order to make other teens and adults aware of up and coming issues that need a voice. All are welcome at any meeting throughout the year.


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