Roels creates unique art

Piglet plush sewn by Roels (Photos by Megan Roels)

By Lilah Vieweg

Arlington High School has become a hotbed of artisitic talent, with students lining up to audition for the spring musical, attending the Mount Vesuviana arts camp in Italy, and rapidly filling the many art classes offered.

One such talented student is freshman Megan Roels who sews amazingly detailed and well made stuffed animals in her free time. She began sewing at age seven, taught by her aunt, and lately she’s been working on some big projects. When asked about her most difficult project so far, she described making “an eight foot long [dragon] plush. It is a stretchy, fuzzy, fabric that was really difficult to sew. In the long run, it took me a few months.”

The average stuffed animal takes about a week, and the supplies cost between twenty and thirty dollars. Of her process, she says, “Sometimes I’ll use a pattern that’s already existing and adjust it, other times I’ll make my own pattern and sew from there.”

Her skill has not gone unnoticed. Friends and family, even strangers, have begun to ask for commissions. “I’ve had a bunch of people ask. My art teacher wants me to make a stuffed hippo for her child,” says Roels. “People I don’t even know, like my neighbors have asked me to make them patterns.”

Currently, Roels is working on a quilt and hopes to begin learning to sew clothes. But she also paints, draws, and sculpts.



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