Hello, Dolly wows crowd

Photo taken by Carla DeFord  Caption: Students of AHS performing “Hello, Dolly”.

By: Salome Lefort

As the lights grew dim and the auditorium filled with people, the red curtain, with a light  shining brightly opened slowly and the band began to play.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the students of Arlington High School Gilbert and Sullivan Club, performed their rendition  of  Hello, Dolly!  by Michael Stewart. The director of the school’s musical was Michael Byrne the drama teacher here at AHS.

The story revolves around a socialite matchmaker named Dolly Levi. She is recruited by Horace Vandergelder to find him a wife, although the audience soon learns she intends to marry Mr. Vandergelder.

Rehearsals for the musical began in January, and the performance was the weekend of April 8-10.

Sixty- eight students participated in the musical itself, and five other students worked on the set and managed the students backstage.

The musical this year was in honor of Catherine Malatesta, a student who passed away last summer. She had always been part of the musicals, and this year was the first year without her.

To honor her, a fundraiser called “Catch a Star” was put in place. The goal was to raise money for her scholarship. By paying 20 dollars, audience goers would obtain a star with a prize in it, which varied from a gift card to a discount for a store.

The set was wonderfully painted and built, and the costumes were beautiful and popped with color and variety. The singing and dancing was fabulous, and everyone seemed to leave the musical happy and joyful.

Nick Beutler, junior, said; “It was awesome. I especially liked when Adrian [A performer in the musical] did a cartwheel, very impressive.”

Owen Record, who was in the cast, shared, “I was on the tech crew. I saw all the shows, They were incredible.”

Junior, Will Christmann stated, “It was really good. Best musical I’ve seen at AHS!”


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