Erin Bradley Joins Staff

By Maya Pockrose

This year, several new teachers have arrived at AHS. One such teacher is Erin Bradley, who teaches English.

She attended to Maynard High School and got her undergrad and masters at BC. Before coming to AHS, she taught for six years at Maynard High School.

AHS is different than her past teaching experiences because it’s so much bigger. The average graduating class was 80 people at Maynard. She says, “now I am a member of a department of 15 people rather than 6.”

In addition, there is more collaboration at AHS, and there are many class and club choices for students, while Maynard didn’t have as many.

Her hobbies include Crossfit, baking, swimming, golfing, skiing, reading, and knitting. She was also involved in music growing up and in college, playing an impressive array of instruments: clarinet, saxophone, piano, and baritone horn.

Her favorite thing about teaching is getting to share something she loves with people along with valuable and relevant skills. She thinks students need to know “how to read, form an argument, and analyze text.”

Her favorite book is Jane Eyre though she’s never taught it. In fact, she loves the book so much that when she left her previous school, students picked passages from it that they loved or that reminded them of her as a gift.

She wanted to teach because she loves working with people. Also, Bradley was inspired by a teacher she had for three of the four years of high school. She also likes not sitting for her job all day, but rather getting to move. She enjoys the challenge and variety of the profession. Every year has been different for her.

Students take notice of Bradley’s vibrant and collaboration-focused teaching. Karenna Ng, sophomore, says, “I really like Ms. Bradley. Her teaching style is very much centered around group work, which is very helpful for sharing ideas and getting to know everyone in the class.” Juliette Stokes, also a sophomore, says “She is a wonderfully kind, approachable, creative, and effective teacher.”