Dressler Fiddles Her Way to Awards

11390244_1399513247045237_529244418891521311_n                                           Caroline Dressler playing the fiddle at the competition on September 10th.        Photographer: Samantha Fleishman                                                                                                      By: Claire Kitzmiller

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, Caroline Dressler won first place at the National Junior Scottish Fiddle Competition. At the competition Dressler also won Best Strathspey and Best Reel, both types of tunes.

In addition to the title of First Place, Dressler won a trophy, medals for the other awards, one hundred dollars and a scholarship to a summer fiddle school.

Winning the national competition means that Dressler will automatically get to return to the competition next year without winning her regional competition. Instead of going to her Regional competition, Dressler plans on attending the adult competition, an incitation she received as a result of winning her junior tournament.

Dressler also plays in many groups in and outside of Arlington High School. She has released an album with Giulia Haible, also a junior at AHS, called Dragonfly. Dressler’s other group, Scottish Fish is working on releasing their first album. Dressler plays with various other groups, The Shenanigans, a group in her church, the AHS honors and full orchestras.

Dressler learned to play the fiddle when she was only five. Inspired by her mom, Dressler started taking lessons. She studies at the Crescendo Music School in Bedford with Carlough Faulkner-Carroll.

Outside of fiddling, Caroline is a runner on the AHS Cross Country and track teams. She is also an active member in her church’s youth group.