Club Day Entices New Members

The Speech and Debate Club’s tri-fold at club day (left). Students look at posters and explore the clubs of AHS (right). Photographs by: Clair Kitzmiller

By: Clair Kitzmiller

On Wednesday, October 19th, students entering old hall were surrounded by posters representing at least 65 different clubs. Students had the opportunity to walk around and talk to representatives of the each club. Many students were able to sign up for clubs they never knew existed.

Club day was organized and monitored by Ms. Begin, a math teacher at Arlington High School. Begin says, “Each club was responsible for making a tri-fold poster and sending two representatives to talk about and answer questions about the club.

Last year, the school tried a virtual club day but reviewed negative feedback, so Begin revived the club day they had done for years. Sophomore Karenna Ng, remembers last year’s virtual club day as unsuccessful because students weren’t given the opportunity to ask questions about the clubs or actually sign up.

Students who represented a club, students who didn’t, and teachers all think club day was a success. Begin said, “I also love the event because the sense of community is inspiring. With just about 65 clubs there really is a place for everyone!” Sophomore Emma Young, a representative from AHS A Capella, said, “Many more people were signing up than last year! Many students were happy to sign up for a lot of clubs. Some even said they signed up for too many.”

Freshman Lauren Murphy remembers coming to AHS as an eighth grades. When they visited, some clubs had posters in Old Hall for eighth grades to sign up. Murphy said she really liked what the school did this year because the clubs were required to be represented. She liked being able to see all of the clubs, not just a small group of clubs.

Students with feedback for next year can contact Ms. Begin.


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