Students Rally For School Spirit

AHS teachers take on an obstacle course dressed as sumo wresters (top left). Cheerleaders perform stunts (top right). Students compete in a game of tug-of-war (bottom right). The AHS hip-hop dance club performs (bottom). Photographer: Maya Pockrose

By: Maya Pockrose

On the last day of spirit week, between F and G blocks on Friday, September 30th, the AHS pep rally took place.

The AHS Pep Band played as students filed into the Red Gym and sat in their respective grade’s seating area. First on the agenda was determining which grade was loudest. It was, of course, the seniors.

Next, the AHS cheerleaders performed, per pep rally tradition. Following them, a newer installment, the AHS hip hop dancers, did a few numbers. Both groups did well and seemed to have practiced a good deal in preparation. One student said, “I liked seeing the hip hop dancers because that was different from last year.” Another “liked seeing some students’ hidden talents.”

During the rally, a school-wide wave went around the gym a few times. Then,the students competed in a relay race. During all the the events, the pep band played energetic tunes.

The t-shirt cannon was brought out as well, and just a few students from each grade were lucky enough to catch them as they soared into the bleachers.

Tug-of-war, a favorite event, followed. First, the teams from the four grades faced off in pairs, and then the winning team, the Juniors, went up against some tough competition: the teachers. It was a close match, but ultimately, the Juniors took home the win.

Then another crowd favorite took place. Paul McKnight, Justin Bourassa, and Graham Dimmock faced off in a fairly simple obstacle course, with one twist. They had to complete the course while wearing inflatable sumo wrestler suits, making for quite the spectacle. A student said that “seeing my teachers in fat suits was… odd,” while another found the event “funny and entertaining.” Ultimately, Mr. McKnight took the win, to the resounding approval of the audience.

As the rally came to a close, the announcements of the day’s upcoming athletic events were made, and finished with a pep-inducing round of “Let’s get fired up!”, each grade taking a word of the phrase.

As students poured out of the Red Gym at all exits and headed for their last class of the day, the pep band played. The pep rally seemed successful, and was considered a fun ending to Spirit Week. One student thought the “activities were cool in a way that got everyone working together,” and the rally “showed a lot of school spirit.” Mission accomplished.


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