Flags Wave for Local Heroes

The flags stand tall with each represented hero’s name taped to the post of the flag. Photograph By: Juliana Bird

By: Juliana Bird

On November 1st, 2016 flags were installed on the front lawn of Arlington High School in honors of Veteran’s Day. The Arlington Rotary Club was the organization responsible for mounting the flags. The Workplace Program at AHS, run by Peter Lundstrom and Bill Cronin, worked to put each of the 120 flags up.

Each flag represented who Lundstrom described as, “all the people that make a positive difference in our lives” also known as “a variety of heroes.” Those people include men and women who currently serve in the military, veterans, police, firefighters, first responders, parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, and community leaders in Arlington.

Lundstrom noted that the hope of this project was that “that the rows of American flags flying in the fall breeze will transform the field into a hallowed space to recognize the deceased and thank the living.”

From an outsider’s perspective, the flags are “magical” described a passerby, and “a good reminder of why we should be so thankful.” Lundstrom described the purpose as a “place of contemplation” for some and for others, “a place to run with their children through a sea of red, white and blue.”

The Workplace Program has been working for the Arlington Rotary since 2012. The group has done a number of other community service projects including, “cleaning up and planting flowers around some monuments in town.” Lundstrom believes that, “when one of our students gets to physically be a part of the construction of something important in Arlington that the community can see and enjoy, it makes them feel more “part of” the great town of Arlington.” They will, in addition, take down the flags on November 16th after Veterans day has passed.

These flags honored our veterans and loved ones throughout Arlington for sixteen days, however that love and honor does not cease after the flags have been taken down. In the words of Dr. Janger, “Thank you to Rotary for honoring our veterans” and thank you to the Workplace Program as well.




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