Parties Debate Questions

unnamedPeople in the picture from left to right: Tarangana Thapa, Adam Deakin, Jake Tamir-Pinsky, Sean Garballey, Ben Jacey, and Tasso Tsaousidis.

On Wednesday, November 2, in the small Arlington Community Media Inc. (ACMI) studio, two representatives from each club, The Young Democrats and The Young Republicans debated over the issues facing our nation today. The debate was hosted by students who work with ACMI, including producer and director Gayatri Sundar-Rajan, a junior at Arlington High School.

The moderator was senior, Taragana Thapa. The two representatives from the Young Republican Club were senior, Ben Jacey and senior, Tasso Tsaousidis. Representatives from the Young Democrats Club were senior Adam Deakin and senior Jake Tamir-Pinsky.

When Sundar-Rajan was asked how questions were chosen, she replied, “We tried to pick issues that high schoolers care about…as opposed to things that don’t affect us.” Each topic was chosen carefully to bring out the representative’s stance on issues that truly affect the students watching the debate.

Questions ranged from Massachusetts ballot questions to questions about the candidates themselves. At the beginning, Thapa focused on ballot questions,  especially ones pertaining to high school students. Candidates agreed on ballots questions two and four but were divided on question three.

Then, Thapa continued to national policies. The representatives were much more divided in this area of the debate. They were divided on policies such as minimum wage and student debt. The representatives didn’t always align with their party’s candidate in this year’s election, but more with the party’s traditional view.

Students from AHS were overall impressed with the performance of the students. Sophomore Savannah Curro said, “I think they did a pretty good job considering that we’re only in high school, and it’s really hard to get up in front of a camera…knowing that your fellow high schoolers are watching you.”

The debate was well organized and well put together. State representative, Sean Garballey, attended the debate and said he was impressed with how each representative performed.

Sophomore Neeraja Deshpande, agrees that the debate was a success and should happen again around upcoming elections.


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