Caroling Spreads Joy

By: Claire Kitzmiller

On Friday, December 23 and Thursday, December 22, Jolinda Alderuccio will take her level three french classes caroling throughout Arlington High School. She will take her A block class on Thursday and her D block class on Friday.

The classes will be singing a variety of Christmas songs and some class favorites. The students will sing a range of songs including “Rodolphe Au Petit Nez Rouge” and “Aux Champs Elysées”. The classes will sing in the main lobby, on the fourth floor of the Fusco house and on the sixth floor.

Alderuccio says she’s been taking her French classes caroling ever since she’s taught at AHS. She also took her classes caroling before she transferred from the Ottoson Middle School to AHS. It has been a tradition she has carried throughout most of her teaching career.

When asked why, she has her classes caroling, she responded, “To encourage a spirit of community within the school…to encourage a love of languages for everyone, whether they’re taking a foreign language.”

Alderuccio often gets emails from staff members thanking her for the beautiful caroling. It always inspires a good mood in the students right before winter break.

The students singing always enjoy performing for their peers. Alderuccio’s former students frequently join her to sing along with her classes.


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