Tate Kokubo Skates Ahead

By: Wyatt Dupont

Tate Kokubo is an upcoming sophomore at Arlington HIgh School, but unlike most high school students, he is well on his way to becoming a professional skateboarder. However, Kokubo does not bust himself with ideas of fame and sponsors but rather skating purely for the fun of it.

Kokubo began skateboarding when he was eight-years-old and gained recognition from one of his local skate shops, The Boardwalk, which has since closed.

Over the years, Kokubo continued to draw the attention of others, accumulating sponsors form Maximum Hesh Skate Shop, Matix, Converse, and Fancy Lad Skateboards. As he progressed, Kokubo began to compete in skate contests, including Tampa Am, an annual skateboarding competition in Florida that attracts amateur skaters from all over the country.

Although Kokubo does not currently have any contests coming up, he will most certainly compete in more in the future. Kokubo has even had a skateboard part put out by Matix that is on Thrasher Magazine’s website, a famous, monthly skate magazine that has been around sing the 80s.

In addition, Kokubo has a part in Fancy Lad’s Is This Skateboarding video which is also up on the Thrasher website.

Q: “So, how has skateboarding impacted you? I know that may be too general but like, where has it taken you and who have you met?”

A: “It has taken me from New York to as far as California. I have met tons of awesome people throughout the time I’ve been skating. I think it is safe to say I have close friends in every city I have traveled to.”

Q: “Ok, any pros or notable skaters?”

A: “Yeah, I have met quite a few. One of my favorites is Donny Barley, and he is now a good friend of mine.”

Q: “Describe or tell why you like skateboarding.”

A: “I like skating because there are no rules. You can do it however you want and no one can tell you that you are doing it wrong.”

There are four levels, starting with Shop, the Flow, then Am, and finally, Pro. Kokubo considers himself to be Flow, meaning that he receives free products from companies and is also sponsored by several. Regardless of what “level”, Tate does out and skates for fun.




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