D’Agastino’s Founder Visits AHS

By Max Fritsch

Last Wednesday, the Arlington High School Speakers Club invited Sam D’agostino, founder and owner of the prominent D’Agastino’s Deli Franchise, to speak in front of the group about the process of starting his business from nothing and tips on how to become successful in that field.

D’Agostino expressed to the group the importance of having energy, taking risks, staying motivated, setting new goals, having discipline, practicing good habits, and establishing good relationships with the customers. One of the most interesting things that D’Agastino told the group was that debt is necessary and not really a bad thing when it comes to starting a business. It took him five years to pay off the man he originally bought the property of his first store from, nearly 50 years ago. When one student asked how they could take advantage of what they want to pursue early, D’Agastino replied with some advice for all of the students: “First find something you are passionate in. Get an internship in that general area just so you can get a feel of what it’s like. Most importantly, ask a lot of questions.”

Club President Winston Chen said, “It was a great discussion, we talked about everything we wanted to.” Chen explained, “Not every talk will be about business; for example we are looking into getting speakers to preach on other subjects such as college admissions, real estate, and really whatever the students want to hear advice on.” With the club’s first speaker being a great success, Chen hopes “more people see this opportunity and come to future talks.” Chen then went on to explain that “the type of people that we made this club for are those who are enthusiastic, curious, and want to better themselves for the future.”


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