Me And My Girl Comes To AHS

Ben Horsburgh and Violet De Besche dance in Me and My Girl [Image courtesy of Mr Soares]

By Claire Kitzmiller

On April 5, 6 and 7, the AHS theater was full of laughter, music, and British accents as students performed Me and My Girl, a light-hearted musical about a choice between high society and middle class.

The show follows Bill (played by senior Ben Horsburgh), a quirky man from Lambeth, who learns that he is the sole heir to a London lordship. Bill is forced to decide between the structure and luxuries of high class and the people he loves in his middle-class home in Lambeth.

Me and My Girl was composed of musical numbers performed by the students, complicated dances choreographed by students and staff, as well as a surprise appearance by the director’s dogs.

According to director Michael Byrne, Me and My Girl was chosen because, “It’s a silly, fun romp that I think is always welcome; maybe particularly now it is fun to do something light hearted and escapist.”

Preparations began in December with student auditions, and rehearsals began in January, intensifying as opening day approached. Senior Rafi Barglow, who played Sir Jasper Tring, said, “I have the most fun the few weeks before the show starts, when the rehearsals are the longest and most intensive, because it is when the bonds of community form the strongest.”

The annual musical creates a sense of community throughout the cast as well as across the student body. Bargalow said, “my favorite part of almost any show is the community that forms around it…This community is the reason I do theater, and I believe the shows are all the better for it.”

The show also builds a sense of connection within the school. Senior Ellie Crowley decided to see the show because, “it’s cool to see what our classmates have been working on for months and months now.”


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