Teachers Form Band


By: Chloe Jackson

The teacher band at Arlington High School, The Educated Guests, known for playing at Battle of the Bands, is composed of Mr. Fant, Mr. Bourassa, Mr. McKnight, Ms. Bessette, and Mr. Marten.

Formed officially around 2014, The Educated Guests recruited musically inclined teachers willing to commit extra time to play in the band. They have performed at Battle of the Bands, the AHS Talent Show, the Unitarian Universalist Church, and the Knights of Columbus.

With Mr. Fant, Mr. Bourassa and Mr. McKnight on guitar, Mr. Marten playing drums, and Ms. Bessette singing, the band works diligently to apply their musical talents in addition to focusing on teaching. Mr. Marten, member of the band, describes The Educated Guests as “an equal opportunity group of noisemakers” who are open to the possibility of adding new members to their group.

The Educated Guests play a wide variety of musical genres and favorites among the band members have been Taylor Swift songs and pieces from the musical Hamilton.

Sophomore Isabella Scopeski admires the band because of their ability to “inspire students to go after what they want” and “the bond that has formed” between these Arlington colleagues. These talented five teachers are an example for prospective musically talented students.

New Teacher Welcomes Students


By: Rebecca Murphy

Ms. Kisling, an English teacher who previously worked at Melrose High School for four years, has joined the AHS staff this year. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia she moved to Medford to attend Boston College.

The summer before she joined the AHS staff and community, she backpacked through Europe. She followed the El Camino trail  that starts in France and ends in Spain, and walked up the Pyrenees Mountains accompanied by her boyfriend for five weeks. She called it a “liberating experience” because while she had her phone, she found it became insignificant to her when she was surrounded by all the natural beauty of the world. Her feet were worked hard by the end, yet she would experience it all again because the trip was empowering in the sense that she proved to herself that she could accomplish something so great.

In addition, Kisling enjoys spending time in her kitchen and has a passion for painting and yoga.

One of Kisling’s students from her AP Literature class, Will Christmann, noticed something different about her student survey, a survey that most teachers give out to “get to know students” in the beginning of the year. Kisling included one question in her survey that stood out to him: “What pronouns do you prefer?” He says it was refreshing to hear a teacher be so conscious and actively working to make sure all of her students are not only comfortable, but also feel safe within her classroom.